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                                                 Values & sustainability for the world of tomorrow!

We work exclusively with manufacturing companies that meet our high standards of sustainability and fair working conditions. To ensure this, we only use materials whose production we can represent with a clear conscience. The production of our main products takes place in small quantities in Italy. That's why we only work with suppliers who can meet our requirements in terms of social and ecological standards.


The goal of Embrace accessories is to meet the highest standards of comfort. The combination of summery, light fabrics with very soft foam distinguishes the Embrace scarf from all other fashion accessories. Protection from cold and wind, temperature regulation and breathability are just positive side effects of our unique scarves, headbands and collars.



  The Intreccio with braided look and extravagant colours brings a good feeling atmosphere during the long wintertime and will complete your beautiful winterlook. 


 Venetian glass art from Murano original handmade rings make the Embracelet to your own personal favorite accessory during the cold season.



"Enjoy the difference"    

Lightly and summerly textiles can revive up cold winter days. Modern and trendy prints make this accessory to your absolute must-have in your wardrobe. This comfort foam hugs your body like no other and sets new standards in wearing comfort in the world of fashion accessories. The highquality comfort foam used by EMBRACE is manufactured in Switzerland and meets highest quality standards in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100



class 1 for babyitems

the most important features at a glance:




temperature regulating

washable and fulfils the highest quality standards 


Contrary to commercially available visco-elastic foams, no oily components in the manufacturing of foams are used. This means that the pores remain open which allows for optimal moisture wicking, good breathability and annoying heat congestion can be prevented. The comfort foam hugs your body like no other foam. He reacts dynamically to body heat, moisture and pressure and nestles snugly along the contours of your body.



High quality, attention to detail and exclusivity are our values. All our products are produced in small unit quantities in Italy. Let yourself be inspired by the exclusivity of our Embracelets. The glass ring is handmade glass art from the homonymous island "Murano" in the Venetian lagoon. Discover the long across millennia years of tradition of glass art with Embrace again. Because only the attention to detail makes each creation to your own personal unique.



Manufactur Embracelet Bangles in Murano (Venice-Italy)

CeRiSM Tests of Universität of Verona shows that the EMBRACE scarf „CLASSICO“ in 100% cotton with polyurethanes visco-elastic foam can better regulate the neck surface temperature and guarentee an optimal wind protection, in comparison with other scarves in standard winter textiles.



highe temperature regulating at -10°C, 0°C and +10°C

The graphs below shows the overall ratio of each scarf at different test temperatures. The scarf with the lowest temperature change is the Embrace scarf with a visco-elastic foam filling. The neck skin surface temperature remains at cold temperatures (0 °C and -10 °C) always in the 34 °C range and at warm temperatures it does not fall below 35 °C .





 optimal wind protection at 0°C and -10°C  

The Embrace scarf Classico in cotton provides an optimal protection against wind. The temperatur sensor in wind direction shows the lowest temperature difference.


The Test

The measurement were carried out in a climatic chamber. The subject was asked to walk on a treadmill for 1 hour at moderate speed ( 4.5 Km/h) on a gentle slope (1%).

It was monitored the temperature in the neck area through temperature sensors at intervals of 15 minutes to an hour. The measurements have been accompanied by thermal images to highlight any points dispesione heat.




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